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Checklist for a financially successful divorce

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As we begin the planning process, having your legal documents available will optimize our time spent together. Please take the time to gather the following items:

Checklist for a Financially Successful Divorce:

1. Birth certificates of all family members.
2. Your marriage license or certificate.
3. Divorce decrees, or death certificates, from any previous spouse.
4. Records showing title to family and/or business real estate.
5. Real and personal property tax receipts for the last year.
6. Income tax returns for the past four years.
7. Titles to automobiles, RV, motorcycles, or boats.
8. The face value (less loans) on all insurance on your spouse's life.
9. The social security statement you and your spouse receive annually.
10. A list of any benefits to which you, your spouse or your children may be entitled, based upon your spouse's military service, or corporate stock options.
11. The market value on January 1 of this year of all real estate, stocks, corporate bonds, government bonds, and other property owned with your spouse (or anyone) in any form of joint ownership.
12. List all family bank accounts, and retirement plans.

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